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 Supreme Court of Canada CIBC Class Action Certification Dec. 4, 2015.pdf 19M
 CIBC Class Action Amended Statement Of Claim (Part I).pdf2.7M
 1-22 Exhibit L - CIBC 2007 Annual Accountability Report.pdf2.6M
 1-10 Affidavit of Diane Urquhart without exhibits.pdf2.5M
 1-21 Exhibit K - 2006 Annual Accountability Report.pdf2.4M
 CIBC Class Action Amended Statement Of Claim (Part II).pdf2.3M
 1-29 Exhibit S - CIBC 2007Q3 Report dated Aug. 30, 2007.pdf1.8M
 Ontario Superior Court of Justice CIBC Class Action Denied Certification July 3, 2012.pdf1.6M
 Unhedged and Hedged US Subprime Mortgage Related Portfolio.pdf1.3M
 1-40 Exhibit DD - CIBC 2008 Q1 Quarterly Report 02282008.pdf1.0M
 1-25 Exhibit O - CIBC 2007Q2 Report dated May 31, 2007.pdf918K
 1-15 Exhibit E - CIBC Enron Class Action Complaint.pdf644K
 Key Facts.pdf554K
 1-20 Exhibit J - CIBC 2005 Q3 Quarterly Report 08242005.pdf547K
 Court of Appeal of Ontario CIBC Class Action Certification Feb. 3, 2014.pdf313K
 1-36 Exhibit Z - CIBC MD & A 2007.pdf261K
 1-14 Exhibit D - U.S. Department of Justice Agreement with CIBC - December 22, 2003.pdf206K
 Sharma v. Timminco Limited, 2012 ONCA 107 (CanLII).pdf197K
 Ontario Superior Court of Justice CIBC Class Action Cost Decision June 10, 2016.pdf186K
 Internal Documents List.pdf181K
 1-33 Exhibit W - CIBC Media Release CIBC announces fourth quarter and fiscal 2007 results Dec. 6, 2007.pdf137K
 1-43 Exhibit GG - Subprime Versus Residential Mortgage Delinquency Rates 2001 to 2007.pdf123K
 1-38 Exhibit BB - CIBC Investor Presentation January 14, 2008.pdf115K
 1-19 Exhibit I - OSC Enforcement Decision in the Matter of CIBC & CIBC World Markets Settlement 12212009.pdf109K
 1-18 Exhibit H - Stanford Law School securities class action clearing house - Global Crossing 10272009.pdf 92K
 Timeline of Key Dates.pdf 92K
 1-37 Exhibit AA - CIBC Media Release CIBC provides update to previous disclosure on US subprime Dec. 19, 2007.pdf 88K
 1-28 Exhibit R - CIBC Media Release CIBC expects strong third quarter earnings August 13, 2007.pdf 85K
 1-39 Exhibit CC - CIBC Short Form Prospectus Jan. 15, 2008.pdf 84K
 1-46 Exhibit JJ - Timeline of US Subprime Mortgage Events and CIBC Disclosures.pdf 81K
 1-32 Exhibit V - CIBC Media Release CIBC to record CDO-RMBS mark-to-market write-downs in the fourth quarter Nov. 9, 2007.pdf 81K
 1-27 Exhibit Q - CIBC Media Release CIBC issues statement on sub-prime exposure July 10, 2007.pdf 75K
 1-44 Exhibit HH - Estimate of Loss Rates by Type of Credit.pdf 63K
 1-49 Exhibit MM - CIBC Share Price and Market Capitalization for October 29, 2005 to September 20, 2008.pdf 58K
 1-23 Exhibit M - CIBC World Markets Allocated Book Value in $ Millions and As Percentage of CIBC Total Book Value.pdf 58K
 1-47 Exhibit KK - CIBC Gross CDO Exposure Relative Common Equity.pdf 57K
 1-11 Exhibit A - Curriculum Vitae of Diane Urquhart.pdf 47K
 1-13 Exhibit C - U.S. SEC Litigation Release No. 18517 CIBC December 22, 2003.pdf 45K
 1-41 Exhibit EE - CIBC Public Disclosures on Its Exposure and Write-downs of RMBS and CDOs.pdf 43K
 1-48 Exhibit LL- CIBC's Gross CDO Exposure in Millions of Dollars and as Percentage of Common Equity.pdf 40K
 1-16 Exhibit F - University of California News Release - UC secures $2.4 billion settlement with CIBC in Enron fraud case 08022005.pdf 36K
 Summary of Financial Expert Opinion.pdf 26K
 1-17 Exhibit G - New York Attorney General Office Media Release - CIBC Mutual Fund Market Timing Complaint July 20, 2005.pdf 26K
 1-12 Exhibit B - Canadian Mutual Reliance Review System for Exemptive Relief Decision (October 23, 2006).pdf 19K
 1-26 Exhibit P - Globe and Mail CIBC denies speculation of US$2.6 billion subprime exposure June 22, 2007.pdf 19K
 1-45 Exhibit II - Subprime Mortgage Delinquency Trend June 2005 to September 2007 - JPMorgan.pdf 17K
 1-42 Exhibit FF - CIBC Writedowns Related to its Structured Credit Activities.pdf 10K