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 1-42 Exhibit FF - CIBC Writedowns Related to its Structured Credit Activities.pdf 10K
 1-45 Exhibit II - Subprime Mortgage Delinquency Trend June 2005 to September 2007 - JPMorgan.pdf 17K
 1-26 Exhibit P - Globe and Mail CIBC denies speculation of US$2.6 billion subprime exposure June 22, 2007.pdf 19K
 1-12 Exhibit B - Canadian Mutual Reliance Review System for Exemptive Relief Decision (October 23, 2006).pdf 19K
 1-17 Exhibit G - New York Attorney General Office Media Release - CIBC Mutual Fund Market Timing Complaint July 20, 2005.pdf 26K
 Summary of Financial Expert Opinion.pdf 26K
 1-16 Exhibit F - University of California News Release - UC secures $2.4 billion settlement with CIBC in Enron fraud case 08022005.pdf 36K
 1-48 Exhibit LL- CIBC's Gross CDO Exposure in Millions of Dollars and as Percentage of Common Equity.pdf 40K
 1-41 Exhibit EE - CIBC Public Disclosures on Its Exposure and Write-downs of RMBS and CDOs.pdf 43K
 1-13 Exhibit C - U.S. SEC Litigation Release No. 18517 CIBC December 22, 2003.pdf 45K
 1-11 Exhibit A - Curriculum Vitae of Diane Urquhart.pdf 47K
 1-47 Exhibit KK - CIBC Gross CDO Exposure Relative Common Equity.pdf 57K
 1-23 Exhibit M - CIBC World Markets Allocated Book Value in $ Millions and As Percentage of CIBC Total Book Value.pdf 58K
 1-49 Exhibit MM - CIBC Share Price and Market Capitalization for October 29, 2005 to September 20, 2008.pdf 58K
 1-44 Exhibit HH - Estimate of Loss Rates by Type of Credit.pdf 63K
 1-27 Exhibit Q - CIBC Media Release CIBC issues statement on sub-prime exposure July 10, 2007.pdf 75K
 1-32 Exhibit V - CIBC Media Release CIBC to record CDO-RMBS mark-to-market write-downs in the fourth quarter Nov. 9, 2007.pdf 81K
 1-46 Exhibit JJ - Timeline of US Subprime Mortgage Events and CIBC Disclosures.pdf 81K
 1-39 Exhibit CC - CIBC Short Form Prospectus Jan. 15, 2008.pdf 84K
 1-28 Exhibit R - CIBC Media Release CIBC expects strong third quarter earnings August 13, 2007.pdf 85K
 1-37 Exhibit AA - CIBC Media Release CIBC provides update to previous disclosure on US subprime Dec. 19, 2007.pdf 88K
 Timeline of Key Dates.pdf 92K
 1-18 Exhibit H - Stanford Law School securities class action clearing house - Global Crossing 10272009.pdf 92K
 1-19 Exhibit I - OSC Enforcement Decision in the Matter of CIBC & CIBC World Markets Settlement 12212009.pdf109K
 1-38 Exhibit BB - CIBC Investor Presentation January 14, 2008.pdf115K
 1-43 Exhibit GG - Subprime Versus Residential Mortgage Delinquency Rates 2001 to 2007.pdf123K
 1-33 Exhibit W - CIBC Media Release CIBC announces fourth quarter and fiscal 2007 results Dec. 6, 2007.pdf137K
 Internal Documents List.pdf181K
 Ontario Superior Court of Justice CIBC Class Action Cost Decision June 10, 2016.pdf186K
 Sharma v. Timminco Limited, 2012 ONCA 107 (CanLII).pdf197K
 1-14 Exhibit D - U.S. Department of Justice Agreement with CIBC - December 22, 2003.pdf206K
 1-36 Exhibit Z - CIBC MD & A 2007.pdf261K
 Court of Appeal of Ontario CIBC Class Action Certification Feb. 3, 2014.pdf313K
 1-20 Exhibit J - CIBC 2005 Q3 Quarterly Report 08242005.pdf547K
 Key Facts.pdf554K
 1-15 Exhibit E - CIBC Enron Class Action Complaint.pdf644K
 1-25 Exhibit O - CIBC 2007Q2 Report dated May 31, 2007.pdf918K
 1-40 Exhibit DD - CIBC 2008 Q1 Quarterly Report 02282008.pdf1.0M
 Unhedged and Hedged US Subprime Mortgage Related Portfolio.pdf1.3M
 Ontario Superior Court of Justice CIBC Class Action Denied Certification July 3, 2012.pdf1.6M
 1-29 Exhibit S - CIBC 2007Q3 Report dated Aug. 30, 2007.pdf1.8M
 CIBC Class Action Amended Statement Of Claim (Part II).pdf2.3M
 1-21 Exhibit K - 2006 Annual Accountability Report.pdf2.4M
 1-10 Affidavit of Diane Urquhart without exhibits.pdf2.5M
 1-22 Exhibit L - CIBC 2007 Annual Accountability Report.pdf2.6M
 CIBC Class Action Amended Statement Of Claim (Part I).pdf2.7M
 Supreme Court of Canada CIBC Class Action Certification Dec. 4, 2015.pdf 19M