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 Washington Post - Nortels Creditors Said to Restart Talks to Split 7 Billion Jan. 13, 2016.pdf140K
 Washington Post - Nortel's Creditors Said to Restart Talks to Split $7.3 Billion Jan. 13, 2016.pdf140K
 Wall Street Journal - US judge taps examiner to review Nortel professional fees July 11, 2013.pdf121K
 Wall Street Journal - Nortel mediation efforts fail Jan 25, 2013.pdf106K
 Wall Street Journal - Nortel creditors battle over when to hold trial over cash split Feb. 11, 2013.pdf112K
 Wall Street Journal - Nortel US Disabled Employees win Severance Pay Fight July 17, 2013.pdf169K
 Wall Street Journal - Nortel Creditors Clash in Latest Round of $7.3 billion cash fight, April 5, 2016.pdf418K
 Wall Street Journal - Nortel $7.3 B cash settlement to be continued Jan. 18, 2013.pdf 25K
 Wall Street Journal - Canadian Judge Criticizes Nortel Lawyers for Shocking Fees May 8, 2015.pdf945K
 Wall Street Journal - Canadian Judge Criticizes Nortel Lawyers for 'Shocking' Fees May 8, 2015.pdf945K
 Wall Street Journal - Canada Supreme Court Rebuffs Appeal From Nortel Bondholders, May 5, 2016.pdf178K
 Wall Street Journal - Big winners in Nortel's demise lawyers Jan. 15, 2013.pdf113K
 WSJ - Nortel Creditors Clash in Latest Round of $7.3 billion cash fight, April 5, 2016.pdf418K
 Verified Complaint for Declaratory and Injuncitive Relief.pdf2.6M
 US Trustee Objection to Motion for Order Modifying Application of Professional Fee Rules Feb. 27, 2013.pdf 29K
 US Order modifying the engagement of Ernst & Young nunc pro tunc to Dec. 12, 2012, Jan. 17, 2013.pdf137K
 USDIPMonthlyOperatingReportsJan2009toNov2010.pdf 23M
 US DIP Monthly Operating Reports Jan. 14, 2009 to Nov. 30, 2012.pdf 48M
 US DIP Monthly Operating Report May 2011.pdf139K
 UK Administration Report Feb. 9, 2012.pdf313K
 TorontoStarTaxrulesdiscouragesaferbenefitplans09032010.pdf 18K
 TorontoStarDisabilitsbenefitsneedinsurancebackup08302010.pdf 18K
 TorontoStarDawWillyoubeprotectedwhendisabled08092010.pdf 18K
 Toronto Star - Roseman, Are your disability benefits at risk. Nov. 15, 2011.pdf129K
 Toronto Star - Reuters Nortel Networks talks aim to end US$7bill legal fight Jan. 15, 2016.pdf428K
 Toronto Star - Reuters Nortel Networks talks aim to end 7 billion legal fight Jan. 15, 2016.pdf428K
 Toronto Star - Phone calls lift cost of Nortel fight to $838M Jan. 26, 2013.pdf1.1M
 Toronto Star - Ex-Nortel staff complain about bankruptcies fees Jan. 27, 2013.pdf 70K
 Toronto Star - Canada, US courts to handle fight over Nortel Networks cash March 8, 2013.pdf 94K
 The Lawyers Weekly - Leave to Appeal Ontario Nortel Ruling Declined May 27, 2016.pdf100K
 The Canadian Press - Fight over Nortel Networks assets to be handled jointly by Canada-US courts March 8, 2013.pdf 91K
 T4 96 & T4A's 2003 & 2004.pdf545K
 Study paper on legal aspects of long term disability insurance 1996 Baer.pdf5.2M
 Service Canada - CPP Disability Income Maximum 2013 and Average Oct. 2012.pdf 60K
 Senate Banking, Trade and Commerce Committee on Bill C-38 Mandatory Disability Insurance May 30, 2012.pdf343K
 Reuters - US Canada judges mull fate of Nortel cash March 7, 2013.pdf 79K
 Reuters - Nortel talks aim to end 7 billion legal fight Jan. 14, 2016.pdf306K
 Reuters - Nortel talks aim to end $7-billion legal fight Jan. 14, 2016.pdf306K
 Reuters - Nortel's legal mess pits bondholders against retirees Jan. 11, 2012.pdf 70K
 Reuters - Canada US courts to jointly handle Nortel Networks cash fight March 8, 2013.pdf146K
 Response Ltr to Mr Mc Avoy-2013-01-31.pdf 35K
 Report on Misrepresentations - Most Important Evidence.pdf1.1M
 Rep Counsel Order for Pensioners and Severed May 20, 2009.pdf512K
 Rep Counsel Endorsement for Pensioners and Severed May 27, 2009.pdf449K
 RCMP IMET Case in Progress - Nortel.pdf 54K
 RBC Website - Trustee Services March 26, 2013.pdf 73K
 RBC Wealth Management - Contentious aspects of modern trusteeship.pdf1.1M
 Plaintiff's Motion for Preliminary Injunction and Temporary Restraining Order.pdf1.7M
 Petition to Legislative Assembly of Ontario on Nortel Disabled and Ontario Consumer Protection Act.pdf 45K
 Petition on Nortel Disabled and Enforcement of OCPA.pdf 46K
 Ottawa Citizen - Working capital Nortel fast-tracking unlikely to bring speedy solution March 12, 2013.pdf102K
 Ottawa Citizen - Winkler versus the Nortel quagmire March 31, 2012.pdf199K
 Ottawa Citizen - Nortel bankruptcy fees hit $1 B November 22, 2013.pdf192K
 Order Jan 21, 2010 Canada Final Funding and CRA APA Agreement.pdf318K
 Ontario NDP Media Release on Consumer Protection Act Enforcement on Unfair Business Practices for Self-Insured Disability Insurance June 4, 2012.pdf 43K
 Ombudsman Ontario Complaint July 20, 2012.pdf222K
 October 27, 2009 Webinar KM LTD.pdf 14K
 OSC Statement of Allegations against Ernst & Young LLP - Auditors of Sino-Forest Dec. 3, 2012.pdf138K
 OPP Anti-Rackets Memorandum from Brian Mason to Paul Beesley April 23, 2012.pdf882K
 November 26, 2009 LTD Steering Committee Notes.pdf135K
 November 5, 2009 letter from KM on disclosure of information.pdf517K
 November 2, 2009 Letter to J. Morawetz requesting disclosure of information.pdf 26K
 Northern Trust - The Role of the Trustee, Northern Trust Website March 21, 2013.pdf 73K
 Nortel response from Tracy MacCharles-05102013074435.pdf 30K
 Nortel V. Nortel Health and Welfare Trust 2000-2009.pdf 72K
 Nortel News Release President and CEO as well as CFO and Controller, Terminated April 28, 2004.pdf 98K
 Nortel News Release Nortel to delay filing of its 2005 Annual Report Until End of April 2006 and restate certain prior period results March 10, 2006.pdf221K
 Nortel News Release 2003Q3 Results October 23, 2003.pdf118K
 Nortel Networks Limited Form 10K 2006 dated March 16, 2007.pdf1.0M
 Nortel Networks Limited Form 10K 2005 dated May 1, 2006.pdf783K
 Nortel Networks Limited Form 10K 2004 dated February 5, 2005.pdf5.9M
 Nortel Networks Limited Form 10K 2003 dated January 18, 2005.pdf2.2M
 Nortel Networks Limited 10Q 2011Q1.pdf265K
 Nortel Networks Corporation Dividend Information - Investor Relations Website April 1, 2013.pdf 67K
 Nortel Networks Corporation Credit Ratings Description from Annual Reports & 10K's 2001 to 2008.pdf150K
 Nortel Networks Corporation 10Q 2011Q1.pdf233K
 Nortel Networks Corporation 10 K 2008 dated March 2, 2009.pdf6.1M
 Nortel Networks Corporation 10 K 2007 dated Feb. 27, 2008.pdf5.8M
 Nortel Networks Corporation 10 K 2006 dated March 16, 2007.pdf6.3M
 Nortel Networks Corporation 10 K 2005 dated May 1, 2006.pdf6.3M
 Nortel Networks Corporation 10 K 2004 dated May 2, 2005.pdf7.1M
 Nortel Networks Corporation 10 K 2003 dated Jan. 11, 2005.pdf8.4M
 Nortel Networks Corporation 10 K 2002 dated Dec. 23, 2003.pdf4.9M
 Nortel Networks Corporation 10 K 2001dated March 11, 2002.pdf3.0M
 Nortel Motion Returnable 21 June 2011 Third Interim Payment from HWT.pdf7.3M
 Nortel Misappropriation Trust Funds Complaint & List of Exhibits July 30, 2012.pdf1.9M
 Nortel Media Release - Nortel enters into settlement agreement with former and disabled Canadian employee representatives 02082010.pdf 42K
 Nortel Long Term Debt, Credit Facilities and EDC Support Facility 2004-2006.pdf 23K
 Nortel LTD Timeline.pdf172K
 Nortel LTD Timeline(2).pdf171K
 Nortel Insolvency Professional Fees as of April 2013.pdf 55K
 Nortel Health and Welfare Trust Time Line 2002-2011.pdf 26K
 Nortel HWT Surplus-Deficit 2002-2009.pdf 50K
 Nortel HWT Statement of Net Assets Available for Benefits Dec. 31, 2004.pdf149K
 Nortel HWT Statement of Net Assets Available for Benefits 1982-2009.pdf 51K
 Nortel HWT Due From Nortel 2002-2009.pdf 48K
 Nortel HWT Contributions, Investment Income, Claims and Administration 1982-2009.pdf 47K
 Nortel HWT Cash Flow Chart.pdf 20K
 Nortel Credit Ratings 2008.pdf 37K
 Nortel Credit Ratings 2007.pdf 30K
 Nortel Credit Ratings 2006.pdf 30K
 Nortel Credit Ratings 2005.pdf 31K
 Nortel Credit Ratings 2004.pdf 32K
 Nortel Credit Ratings 2001.pdf 26K
 Nortel Credit Rating 2003.pdf 35K
 Nortel Credit Rating 2002.pdf 26K
 Nortel Annual Employer Contributions - Cash Versus Change in Due from Nortel 2002-2009.pdf 49K
 News & Observer - Legions of ex-Nortel workers wait years for bankruptcy payouts, February 27, 2016.pdf1.3M
 National Post - Will Nortel professional fees finally get some examination Nov. 27, 2013.pdf 50K
 National Post - Verdict recasts sordid history of Nortel Networks Jan. 15, 2013.pdf 64K
 National Post - Target had to be hit some way, Nortel trial told Jan. 20, 2012.pdf202K
 National Post - Legal fees Court's different approaches on class actions vs insolvencies Nov. 25, 2013.pdf251K
 National Post - Gravy train at work in Nortel bankruptcy March 3, 2013.pdf197K
 National Post - Gravy Train at Work in Nortel bankruptcy March 8, 2013.pdf 33K
 National Post - Ernst & Young's multiple Nortel roles shrouded in mystery March 22, 2013.pdf188K
 National Post - Employees on long-term disability the big losers in Nortel bankruptcy March 13, 2013.pdf210K
 National Post - Canada lags behind in fight against skyrocketing corporate winddown fees June 25, 2013.pdf147K
 Nasdaq - Nortel Creditors Clash in Latest Round, April 5, 2016.pdf274K
 NCBL 15th Annual Review of Insolvency Law Conference, Vancouver, B.C., Feb. 8, 2018.pdf1.9M
 NCBL 10th Annual Review of Insolvency Law Conference, Montreal, Quebec, Feb. 8, 2013.pdf233K
 NCBL 9th Annual Review of Insolvency Law Conference, Vancouver, B.C., Feb. 10, 2012.pdf176K
 NCBL 8th Annual Review of Insolvency Law Conference, Toronto, Ontario, Feb. 4, 2011.pdf1.6M
 NCBL 7th Annual Review of Insolvency Law Conference Feb. 5, 2010.pdf641K
 NCBL 7th Annual Review of Insolvency Law Conference, Kelowna, B.C., Feb. 5, 2010.pdf635K
 NCBL 6th Annual Review of Insolvency Law Conference Feb. 13, 2009.pdf285K
 NCBL 5th Annual Review of Insolvency Law Conference Feb. 22, 2008.pdf938K
 NCBL 1st Annual Review of Insolvency Law Conference Feb. 6, 2004.pdf140K
 Motion to File IRS APA Under Seal Debtors Motion.pdf 36K
 Motion to Approve Debtors Motion for Exemption on Professional Fees Feb. 12, 2013.pdf 47K
 Motion to Approve An Order Approving IRS APA.pdf1.1M
 Motion Record returnable Mar 31, 2010 Amended and Restated Settlement Agreement March 30, 2010.pdf1.4M
 Motion Record returnable 3 May 11, 2010 Second Interim Payment from HWT.pdf1.3M
 Motion Record (Tabs 1 and 2).PDF3.8M
 Montreal Gazette - Professional fees for Nortel bankruptcy have reached $1 B Nov. 25, 2013.pdf 95K
 Monitor Expansion of Power Order dated October 3, 2012.pdf181K
 Monitor'sReports8,15,16,25,33,35,50,55,59.pdf 20M
 Monitor's Report 70th June 24, 2011.pdf1.6M
 Monitor's Report 65th April 28, 2011.pdf403K
 Monitor's Report 43rd April 9, 2010.pdf4.5M
 Monitor's Report 39th Feb. 18, 2010 part 2of2.pdf7.8M
 Monitor's Report 39th Feb. 18, 2010 Part 1of2.pdf8.9M
 Monitor's Report 35th January 18, 2010.pdf1.3M
 Monitor's Report 8, 15,16,25,33,35,50,55,59,70,78,84,97,89.pdf 38M
 Monitor's Report 1st.pdf783K
 Letter to US Trustee Roberta Deangelis January 25, 2013.pdf 23K
 Letter to US Trustee Roberta Deangelis January 17, 2013.pdf344K
 Letter to US Trustee Roberta Deangelis Jan. 23, 2013.pdf219K
 Letter to UK The Insolvency Service January 30, 2013.pdf 95K
 Letter to Superintendent of Bankruptcy Jan. 24, 2013.pdf1.2M
 Letter to Rochon 04_01_11.pdf 34K
 Letter to McGuinty from Nortel Disabled Complainants Oct. 17, 2011.pdf256K
 Letter to McGuinty from Nortel Disabled Complainants Nov. 14, 2011.pdf 66K
 Letter to Industry Minister Christian Paradis and Director General Industry Canada October 20, 2011.pdf287K
 Letter to Duncan from Nortel Disabled Dec. 2, 2011.pdf185K
 Letter to Canadian Council of Insurance Regulators October 6, 2011.pdf297K
 Letter from Office of the Ombudsman of Ontario Jan. 30, 2013.pdf139K
 Letter from Dwight Duncan to Nortel Disabled November 16, 2011.pdf 25K
 Letter from Downey DG Industry Canada Oct. 19, 2011.pdf 25K
 Legal Post - How to run up a $1.6bn legal bill - the Nortel bankruptcy should be a wake-up call for the insolvency industry, Jan. 14, 2016.pdf925K
 Law Times - Nortel workers decry fees paid to lawyers Jan. 28, 2013.pdf 98K
 Law Times - Editorial Nortel's shrinking pie Feb. 4, 2013.pdf 93K
 Law360 Nortel Freed From New Bankruptcy Disclosure Rules For Now March 5, 2013.pdf 68K
 Law360 - Nortel OK'd For $14M Payout, June 7, 2016.pdf165K
 Law360 - Nortel Bankruptcy Sets Dangerous Precedent For Lending, April 6, 2016.pdf628K
 Law360 - Nortel's US Arm Pushes To Reverse $7.3 Billion Allocation Ruling, April 5, 2016.pdf529K - Nortel Fee Bonanza Continues as Creditors Square Off, Jan. 14, 2016.pdf778K
 Lang - OLeary - Nortel bankruptcy professional fees Nov. 23, 2013.mp44.1M
 June 23, 2009 Teleconference KM Memo dated July 5 2009.pdf696K
 June 22, 2009 Email from KM on agenda for June 23, 2009 teleconference.pdf 32K
 Jennifer Holley v. Northern Trust and Royal Trust Statement of Claim September 26, 2012.pdf108K
 Intermeddlers of Strangers to the Breach of Trust on Fiduciary Duty 21AdvocQ94.pdf382K
 Insolvency Institute of Canada, Annual Conference and Annual Meeting, Whistler, B.C., Sept. 20-23, 2012.pdf739K
 Insolvency Institute of Canada, Annual Conference and Annual Meeting, St. John's, Nfld, Sept. 8-11, 2011.pdf1.2M
 Insolvency Institute of Canada, Annual Conference and Annual Meeting, Scottsdale, Arizona, Nov. 4-7, 2010.pdf1.3M
 Insolvency Institute of Canada, Annual Conference and Annual Meeting, Palm Springs, California Nov. 14-17, 2013.pdf 94K
 InsideSources - The Troubling Economic Impact of the Ongoing Nortel Bankruptcy March 28, 2016.pdf170K
 Inside Sources - British Lawyers, Accountants Quickly Burning Through Nortel Assets, Feb. 26, 2016.pdf1.1M
 IIC Membership Guidelines_Updated 2012.pdf 45K
 HWT Beneficiaries' Characteristics.pdf 76K
 Globe and Mail - US District court judge to speed division of remaining Nortel assets, May 17, 2016.pdf249K
 Globe and Mail - The ever-rising Nortel tab - Legal bills pile up as mediation fails Jan. 25, 2013.pdf 40K
 Globe and Mail - The amazing resilience of Canada's thalidomide survivors, June 22, 2016.pdf142K
 Globe and Mail - Reuters Nortel talks aim to end 7 billion legal fight Jan. 14, 2016.pdf 96K
 Globe and Mail - Reuters Nortel talks aim to end $7-billion legal fight Jan. 14, 2016.pdf 96K
 Globe and Mail - Ontario court rejects U.S. bondholders' appeal of Nortel asset allocation, May 3, 2016.pdf210K
 Globe and Mail - Nortel bankruptcy to be resolved in trial March 8, 2013.pdf 61K
 Globe and Mail - Judge sends warning to insurers with $4.5 M award to disabled welder April 8, 2013.pdf 84K
 Globe and Mail - Fees for lawyers consultants in Nortel case top $1 B Nov. 22, 2013.pdf151K
 Globe and Mail - As Nortel pensioners struggle, the lawyers are doing just fine Jan. 15, 2013.pdf158K
 Fourth Amended & Restated Initial Order.pdf695K
 Forbes - Nortel Bankruptcy Fees Near $2 Billion, April 5, 2016.pdf1.0M
 Fifty-Second Report of the Monitor.pdf5.5M
 February 18, 2010 Email from KM on nothing in trust documentation requires Nortel to pre-fund.pdf 17K
 FP Street - Corporate salvage operations need rescuing, Jan. 29, 2013.pdf212K
 FIN_46R Consolidation of Variable Interest Entities.pdf349K
 FASB Statement of Financial Accounting Standards No. 112 Post Employment Benefits.pdf150K
 FASB Statement of Financial Accounting Standards No. 43 Compensated Absences.pdf 54K
 FASB Statement of Financial Accounting No. 106 Post Retirement Benefits Other Than Pensions.pdf627K
 Email to US Trustee Roberta Deangelis from Greg McAvoy Feb. 25, 2013.pdf175K
 Email to Margarett Best from Urquhart October 20, 2011.pdf 24K
 Email to Margarett Best from Urquhart February 14, 2012.pdf 43K
 Email from Zigler on 4th HWT Payment for Nortel Disability Income Oct. 24, 2011.pdf 25K
 Email from Office of the United States Trustee Region 3 Jan. 25, 2013.pdf 69K
 Email from Federal Superintendent of Bankruptcy to Greg McAvoy March 1, 2013.pdf 58K
 Email from Dalton McGuinty to Nortel Disabled Complainants Nov 7, 2011.pdf 32K
 Email Communications with U.K. The Insolvency Service and Nortel Disabled Feb. 1, 2013.pdf110K
 Dow Jones Daily Bankruptcy Review - Canadian judge demands a reckoning of Nortel cash fight costs Nov. 20, 2013.pdf 12K
 Dow Jones - Nortel US seeks to hide some fees amid cash battle Feb. 25, 2013.pdf 42K
 Dow Jones - Nortel $7.3 B cash settlement to be continued Jan. 18, 2013.pdf117K
 Dow Jones - Disabled US workers say Nortel can't cut off benefits, October 26, 2012.pdf142K
 Dow Jones - Disabled US workers accuse Nortel of intimidation on benefits Nov. 21, 2012.pdf 19K
 Dow Jones - Courts to rule on Nortel's $7.3 B cash clash March 8, 2013.pdf 29K
 Dow Jones - Bankruptcy watchdog questions Nortel's $1.7 M bonus proposal Jan. 8, 2013.pdf 38K
 Doolittle Affidavit February 5, 2009.pdf1.1M
 Correspondence between ADM Frank Denton and Jackie Bodie Feb 16 - March 1, 2013.pdf400K
 Contributions removed from HWT disability insurance reserve - total & individual LTD employees.pdf327K
 Complaint to Office of the Independent Police Review Director Dec. 19, 2012.pdf183K
 Compensation Fourteenth Interim Application Of Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton LLP - Exhibit A April 29, 2010.pdf1.1M
 Comparison of Income for Different Employee Groups.pdf 19K
 Communications between Roman Kosarenko and Diane Urquhart Sept. 21, 2010.pdf137K
 Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton LLP Professional Fees and Disbursement Report March 2016.pdf222K
 City AM - UK legal costs hit $700m for Nortel, Jan. 10, 2016.pdf261K
 City AM - EY has now banked over $500m...fees continue to balloon, April 13, 2016.pdf566K
 Charlotte Urquhart CV.pdf 29K
 Canadian Press - Former Nortel workers ask bankruptcy czars to investigate fees paid by estate Jan. 28, 2013.pdf 88K
 Canadian Press - Failed Nortel mediation signals need for better bankruptcy laws in Canada CAW Jan. 25, 2013.pdf164K
 Canadian Lawyer - Joint trial for Nortel liquidation best option that remains March 12, 2013.pdf122K
 CNELTD Yahoo! Groups Shutdown on April 14, 2010.pdf 24K
 CNELTD Yahoo! Groups Censoring Begins March 26, 2010.pdf 29K
 CNELTD Yahoo! Groups - Last emails Before Site Shutdown on March 26, 2010.pdf110K
 CNELTD Yahoo! Group Posting from Sue Kennedy Jan. 21 2010.pdf 52K
 CNELTD Yahoo! Group Email from KM Jan. 21, 2010.pdf130K
 CNELTD Yahoo! Group Converts to Messages Require Approval Feb. 3, 2010.pdf 31K
 CNELTD Media Release Feb. 8, 2010.pdf1.2M
 CNELTD Email from Sue Kennedy website up again Jan. 11, 2011.pdf 11K
 CCAA Judges Not Impartial2.pdf 92K
 CCAA Duties of the Monitor - Section 23 - Bill C-55 Clause No. 131.pdf 58K
 CCAA Claims Schedule Update - May 31, 2011.pdf 82K
 CBC Radio News - Nortel Disabled Jan. 15, 2013.mp31.2M
 CBC Politics - Nortel bankruptcy fees hit $1B US Nov. 22, 2013.pdf138K
 CBC - Nortel picks new CEO to replace Bill Owens October 17, 2005.pdf 99K
 CBC - Nortel pensioners fear theyll never see a settlement Jan. 25, 2013.pdf 70K
 CAW Letter to Goodmans March 31, 2011.pdf167K
 Branco v American Home Assurance Company, 2013 SKQB 98 (CanLII) March 21, 2013.pdf837K
 Bloomberg - Nortel UK Retirees Lose Bid for Arbitration March 8, 2013.pdf 90K
 Bloomberg - Nortel Bankruptcy Fight Resumes With $2 Billion Spent on Fees, April 5, 2016.pdf598K
 Bloomberg - Blackberry crisis dredges up painful memories of Nortel failure Aug. 13, 2013.pdf 74K
 Bill C-38 Mandatory Disability Insurance at Federal Employers.pdf2.0M
 Benefits Canada - Nortel pensioners face decision on payment options, Feb. 18, 2016.pdf1.0M
 August 27, 2009 meeting transcription (Josee).pdf144K
 August 27, 2009 meeting transcription (Jennifer).pdf100K
 August 18, 2009 Teleconference Call KM Memo dated Sept. 7, 2010.pdf 96K
 Appendix UU - Analysis of the Funding Status of the Pensioners Life Insurance Fund as of Jan. 1, 2002.pdf1.4M
 Appendix RR - Debt Due from Sponsoring Company in HWT.pdf 68K
 Appendix NN - HWT Financial Statement Period Ending Dec. 31, 2007.pdf202K
 Appendix N - HWT Tax Filings.pdf3.2M
 Appendix L - Sun Life Policies 2.pdf7.8M
 Appendix L - Sun Life Policies 1.pdf7.3M
 Appendix KKK.PDF9.7M
 Appendix KKK - Internal Company Manual.PDF9.2M
 Appendix K - Part 11 Quebec Traditional Program Retiree Health Care and Life Benefits January 2006.pdf5.7M
 Appendix K - Part 10 Traditional Program Retiree Health Care & life Benefits January 2006.pdf5.6M
 Appendix K - Part 9 Quebec Balanced Program Retiree Health Care & Life Benefits January 2006.pdf7.9M
 Appendix K - Part 8 Balanced Program Retiree Health Care & Life Insurance January 2010.pdf6.2M
 Appendix K - Part 7 Quebec Traditional Program Grandfathered Employees Pension Health Care Plan January 2006.pdf5.5M
 Appendix K - Part 6 Program Grandfathered Employees Pension Health Care Plan January 2006.pdf6.2M
 Appendix K - Benefit Plan Handbooks 12.pdf485K
 Appendix K - Benefit Plan Handbooks 11.pdf5.9M
 Appendix K - Benefit Plan Handbooks 10.pdf5.8M
 Appendix K - Benefit Plan Handbooks 9.pdf8.1M
 Appendix K - Benefit Plan Handbooks 8.pdf6.4M
 Appendix K - Benefit Plan Handbooks 7.pdf5.6M
 Appendix K - Benefit Plan Handbooks 6.pdf6.4M
 Appendix K - Benefit Plan Handbooks 5.pdf8.5M
 Appendix K - Benefit Plan Handbooks 4.pdf2.3M
 Appendix K - Benefit Plan Handbooks 3.pdf8.5M
 Appendix K - Benefit Plan Handbooks 2.pdf3.6M
 Appendix K - Benefit Plan Handbooks 1.pdf4.7M
 Appendix GGG - Valuation of the Obligations of the Health and Welfare Trust as at September 30, 2005 06022006.pdf1.2M
 Appendix GGG - Page 28 Reconciliation of Trust Assets Sept.pdf 43K
 Appendix D Revised Illustrative Allocation Scenarios.pdf204K
 Appendix D Illustrative Allocation Scenarios August 30, 2010.pdf 36K
 Appendix D-1 Scenario 2.pdf169K
 Appendix C- Mercers Actuarial Report for LTD and Other Plans 2010.pdf4.7M
 Appendix B - Memorandum of Law August 27, 2010.pdf202K
 Appendix A - Review of Brian Mason Memorandum to Paul Beesley dated April 23, 2012.pdf796K
 Appendices SS-ZZ.pdf6.0M
 Appendices O-RR.pdf6.0M
 Appendices O-RR(2).pdf5.8M
 Appendices M-N.PDF6.7M
 Appendices LLL-NNN.pdf292K
 Appendices G-J.pdf3.3M
 Appendices EEE-JJJ.pdf6.1M
 Appendices AAA-DDD.pdf6.3M
 Appendices A-F.pdf4.6M
 American Lawyer - Nortel Fee Bonanza Continues as Creditors Square Off in NY Jan. 14, 2016.pdf138K
 AM Law Daily Bankrutpcy and Billables Feb. 1, 2013.pdf290K
 20th US Monthly Fee Application Ernst & Young Feb. 28, 2013.pdf 52K
 #8843 Objection to Debtors Motion for Entry of - Main Document.pdf207K