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 680 News All News Radio - Enterra Trusts halts distributions Wellco and Pengrowth cut payouts 17092007.pdf133K - ASC Audit reveals IDA deficiencies 07312007.pdf 21K - IIROC to distribute more ABCP settlement funds May 14, 2013.pdf 98K - Ontario urged to restructure regulatory regime Feb. 24, 2009.pdf103K - Options dwindle for burned investors 03192008.pdf 84K
 Benefits Canada - ABCP fines no deterrent Dec. 22, 2009.pdf 94K
 Benefits Canada - Nortel employees seek legal clarity around health and welfare trust Jan. 5, 2011.pdf 95K
 Benefits Canada Magazine - Your Say - Diane Urquhart.pdf9.5K
 Bloomberg - CIBC pays executives C$575 million over 9 years 01312008.pdf 20K
 Bloomberg - Nortel disabled workers lose bid for hearing on settlement 06042010.pdf 12K
 Bloomberg - Nortel professionals collecting large fees while creditors see no distributions Jan. 30, 2013.pdf131K
 Bottom Line - Get tougher on white collar crime 05012007.pdf138K
 Bottom Line - Mining firm digs in on ABCP ruling Mid-September 2008.pdf456K
 Bottom Line - Some are road kill says Urquhart March 2009.pdf293K
 Bottom Line - Too little, too late, critics say of CICA text 092007.pdf 37K
 Brampton Guardian - Nortel pensioners the final straw Feb. 2, 2013.pdf 98K
 CALU INFOExchange - Systemic Failure of Disability Insurance in HWTs 2011 Vol 3, Diane Urquhart.pdf391K
 CBC - ABCP investors say they were duped by financial community April 10, 2008.pdf124K
 CBC - Disabled Nortel workers seek $80 M relief fund Feb. 17, 2011.pdf 52K
 CBC - Nortel's disabled workers fight pension deal 02162010.pdf 24K
 CBC - Nortel disability advocate Peter Burns dies at 54 May 16, 2011.pdf 40K
 CBC - Nortel disbled employees seek political help 04122010.pdf 20K
 CBC National Radio - Disabled Nortel workers seek $80M relief fund - Internet Redistribution.pdf205K
 CBC News - Disability insurance at risk for 1.1 million 05252010.pdf 58K
 CBC News - Top court won't hear Nortel disability appeal June 9, 2011.pdf 98K
 CBC The House - Evan Solomon on Nortel disabled Jan. 1, 2011.wav8.6M
 CTV - Tory senators poised to dash hopes of disabled Nortel pensioners NOv. 25, 2010.pdf 23K - Nortel pensioners go online to organize their fight 07082009.pdf 24K
 CTV News - Ruling on ABCP plan may not end court battles Aug. 18, 2008.pdf 86K
 CTV Ottawa - Nortel workers bring fight for benefits to Parliament Hill 04122010.pdf 37K
 CTV Ottawa - Ottawa MP plans to take action for laid off workers 05212009.pdf165K
 CTV Ottawa - Senate kills bill that would help disabled Nortel workers Dec. 9, 2010.pdf 25K
 CTV Ottawa - Top court won't hear disabled Nortel workers' case June 9, 2011.pdf 84K
 Calgary Herald - ASC resignation sought Nov. 25, 2005.pdf 78K
 Calgary Herald - The hole that Jim dug 28102007.pdf 36K
 Canada AM - Nortel seeks court approval to pay bonuses to execs 03202009.pdf271K
 Canadian Business - A broken system 04142008.pdf 67K
 Canadian Business Magazine - Spinrite 25112006.pdf 33K
 Canadian Lawyer - Purdy Crawford Doing it all Nov. 2009.pdf158K
 Canadian Press- ABCP investor asks Prentice to reverse change in federal law 10282008.pdf 16K
 Canadian Press - Chartered accountants income trust distributable cash 18072007.pdf 16K
 Canadian Press - Ex-Nortel workers lash out at bonuses 06182009.pdf 30K
 Canadian Press - Former Nortel workers ask bankruptcy czars to investigate fees paid by estate Jan. 28, 2013.pdf 88K
 Canadian Press - Hundreds of Nortel pensioners rally outside Ontario legislature 15092010.pdf 30K
 Canadian Press - Income Trusts Untrustworthy 06242006.pdf 11K
 Canadian Press - Income trusts the business story of 2006 29122006.pdf 58K
 Canadian Press - NDP questions accounting practices urges freeze on income trust conversions 18102006.pdf 21K
 Canadian Press - New Year leaves disabled Nortel workers without benefits Dec. 31, 2010.pdf 18K
 Canadian Press - Two energy trust cut distributions 17092007.pdf 25K
 Dow Jones - Nortel US seeks to hide some fees amid cash battle Feb. 25, 2013.pdf 42K
 Edmonton Journal - Investors at mercy of flimsy regulatory regimes 08082007.pdf 23K
 Edmonton Journal - Tenacious accountant on guard against trusts 18112006.pdf 27K
 Epoch Times - Workers on Disability Fight Nortel Deal 03012010.pdf 31K
 FP Comment Terence Corcoran Nortel's billions July 6, 2011.pdf159K
 Global Insolvency - How Nortel racked up a $755 million tab Jan. 31, 2013.pdf140K
 Globe and Mail - As Nortel pensioners struggle the lawyers are doing just fine Jan. 15, 2013.pdf 23K
 Globe and Mail - Budget provision to require companies insure long-term disability March 29, 2012.pdf 98K
 Globe and Mail - CIBC chief took home millions - 01302008.pdf 48K
 Globe and Mail - Cash reporting targeted 19072007.pdf 17K
 Globe and Mail - Income trust balloon quickly deflating 08132008.pdf 67K
 Globe and Mail - In the hot seat, Zafirovski faces pensioners 06192009.pdf 25K
 Globe and Mail - Ottawa voes crackdown on white collar crime Aug. 23, 2012.pdf 95K
 Globe and Mail - Paramount units plunge 18072007.pdf 27K
 Globe and Mail - The ever-rising Nortel tab - Legal bills pile up as mediation fails Jan. 25, 2013.pdf 40K
 Globe and Mail - The moral of the trusts fiasco 11092006.pdf 41K
 Globe and Mail - Trusts overstate payout ability 10032006.pdf 22K
 Globe and Mail - Two energy trusts slash payouts to unitholders 1892007.pdf 47K
 Globe and Mail Streetwise - Scary time ahead for energy trusts 08122008.pdf 22K
 Hamilton Spectator - $100 million question - Will exposure to subprime market hurt taxpayers 11232007.pdf 19K
 Hamilton Spectator - City lowballing ABCP losses says financial analyst 05282008.pdf 45K
 Investment Executive - Are investment products lacking transparency 01012008.pdf 70K
 Investment Executive - Relief for retail holders of non-bank ABCP Jan. 8, 2009.pdf101K
 Investment Executives - Financial industry has to reduce the risk of complex products being mis-sold to investors May 10, 2013.pdf 88K
 Investment News - Canadian seniors group calls for enforcement reform 03122007.pdf 90K
 Investment News - Court setbacks add to Ontario commission woes 04162007.pdf 60K
 Investment News - Fiscally, the Tories budget is, well conservative 26032007.pdf 59K
 Investment News - Income trusts' tax incentive in jeopardy 0942007.pdf 54K
 Law Times - Nortel employees to take fight to SCC Feb. 7, 2011.pdf 29K
 Law Times - Nortel workers decry fees paid to lawyers Jan. 28, 2013.pdf 79K
 Le Devoir - ABCP - AMF Investigation on the commercial paper 09112008.pdf 16K
 Macleans - Enterra Energy Trust halts distributions , Wellco and Pengrowth cut payouts 2492007.pdf 14K
 Macleans - Who will benefit from taxing income trusts 13112006.pdf 32K - New Year leaves disabled Nortel workers without benefits Dec. 31, 2010.pdf 16K
 Media - Canadian ABCP - Urquhart Quoted.pdf680K
 Montreal Gazette - Income trusts are still a minefield 1452007.pdf 24K
 Montreal Gazette - Investment bankers face a terrible drought 1862007.pdf 23K
 Montreal Gazette - New deal stings disabled 02102010.pdf130K
 Montreal Gazette - Small investors have hammer in ABCP crisis April 2, 2008.pdf 78K
 Montreal Gazette - Tough rules are needed for trusts 1862006.pdf 26K
 NDP Press Conference June 4, 2012.pdf1.1M
 National Post - CARP defends itself against critics 08012007.pdf 30K
 National Post - Canada lags behind in fight against skyrocketing corporate winddown fees June 25, 2013.pdf147K
 National Post - Canadian funds endure US meltdown exposure CDS 09292008.pdf 28K
 National Post - Charge trusts with fraud, groups urge 2742007.pdf 29K
 National Post - Desjardins outlines its ABCP activities 11192007.pdf 33K
 National Post - Desjardins outlines its ABCP activities 19112007.pdf292K
 National Post - EX DBRS president Huston Loke set to join OSC as Director of corporate finance branch Oct. 23, 2012.pdf135K
 National Post - Employees on long-term disability the big losers in Nortel bankruptcy March 13, 2013.pdf210K
 National Post - End of a shameful episode Jan. 12, 2009.pdf 91K
 National Post - Ernst & Young's multiple Nortel roles shrouded in mystery March 22, 2013.pdf188K
 National Post - Eveready in-kind unwelcome 1912008.pdf 49K
 National Post - Flaherty Does Not Care 9122006.pdf 18K
 National Post - Governor General urges lawyers to rebuild public trust Aug. 14, 2011.pdf109K
 National Post - Gravy train at work in Nortel bankruptcy March 3, 2013.pdf197K
 National Post - Industry must define itself, critics say 30102006.pdf 28K
 National Post - Media tarred in issue of trust(s) 152007.pdf 25K
 National Post - No end in sight to the Nortel fees frenzy June 24, 2013.pdf 83K
 National Post - No fees for CARP - Morgenthau 12162006.pdf 21K
 National Post - OSC panel to talk priorities March 8, 2012.pdf128K
 National Post - Opinion Fighting for Nortel Disabled November 1, 2010.pdf 13K
 National Post - Regulator finds Coventree failed to disclose problems with ABCP market Sept. 28, 2011.pdf171K
 National Post - SEC probe into ABCP welcomed April 2008.pdf 94K
 National Post - So much for the Halloween surprise 1552007.pdf 39K
 National Post - The sum of the yield question 06292006.pdf 30K
 National Post - Trust tax plan produces tax parity - 03062007.pdf 25K
 National Post - U.S. bill doubles trust tax to 35% 2832007.pdf 58K
 National Post - Wellco distributions follow torpedo trend 1892007.pdf 73K
 National Post - Who's got an agenda 27102006.pdf 21K
 National Post - Yield has yet to be defined adequately 1962006.pdf 28K
 Oil Week - Enterra Energy Trust halts distributions 1792007.pdf 56K
 Ontario Farmer - Ask hard questions before trusting income trusts 1012006.pdf 41K
 Ontario Farmer - Curb on income trusts badly needed 622007.pdf501K
 Ottawa Citizen - Advocate for Nortel disability pensioners dies May 17, 2011.pdf 39K
 Ottawa Citizen - Duncan warns Nortel pensioners of the risks of the market Jan. 6, 2011.pdf 14K
 Ottawa Citizen - Forceful governor general tells lawyers Heal thyself It's time legal profession regains sight of justice, public good Aug. 15, 2011.pdf115K
 Ottawa Citizen - Future bleak for Nortel disabled 07222009.pdf 18K
 Ottawa Citizen - Judge rejects Nortel dissident group 03042010.pdf 16K
 Ottawa Citizen - Nortel leaves $37M health-fund gap 02232010.pdf 33K
 Ottawa Citizen - Nortel pensioners thrown to wolves Dec. 15, 2010.pdf 18K
 Ottawa Citizen - Nortel pensioners to see average 18% cut in benefits July 14, 2011.pdf 88K
 Ottawa Citizen - Panel refuses disabled workers' case June 10, 2011.pdf 97K
 Ottawa Citizen - Winkler versus the Nortel quagmire March 31, 2012.pdf199K
 Ottawa Hill Times - Fixing Canada's Third World Securities Crime Enforcement - 01072008.pdf140K
 Ottawa Sun - Crusader for Nortel disabled dies May 16, 2011.pdf 13K
 Ottawa Sun - Disabled Nortel employees see lifeline disappear Nov. 25, 2010.pdf 37K
 Ottawa Sun - Disabled Nortel workers fear bill will die March 22, 2011.pdf 22K
 Ottawa Sun - Nortel Appeal Denied 06052010.pdf 20K
 Ottawa Sun - Nortel disabled benefits to be tax free Jan. 13, 201.pdf 27K
 Ottawa Sun - Time running out for Nortel disabled - Senator 06142010.pdf 54K
 Reuters - Canada ABCP investors say still not satisfied April 11, 2008.pdf 74K
 Reuters - Nortel's legal mess pits bondholders against retirees Jan. 11, 2012.pdf 70K
 Sun Media - Disabled distraught over Nortel settlement 03312010.pdf 15K
 Sun Media - Nortel sale no windfall to pensioners disabled July 22, 2011.pdf170K
 Sun News - Canada's regulatory system weak April 15, 2012.pdf276K
 The Canadian Press - Ontario Superior Court grants ABCP restructuring agreement Jan. 12, 2009.pdf 81K
 The Hill Times - Keeping up fight in name of Peter Burns, says reader May 23, 2011.pdf 34K
 The Whig Standard - Nortel [disabled] workers seek relief Sept. 24, 2011.pdf 86K
 Toronto Star - ABCP committee to make changes to plan Dec. 11, 2008.pdf 79K
 Toronto Star - Activist raises tough questions on fund fees 09072006.pdf 38K
 Toronto Star - CICA proposes standard trust accounting 4112006.pdf 35K
 Toronto Star - Daw - Nortel's orphans seek new pension option 09132010.pdf 18K
 Toronto Star - Daw - Will you be protected when disabled 08092010.pdf 18K
 Toronto Star - Disability benefits need insurance backup 08302010.pdf 18K
 Toronto Star - Disabled Nortel employees face bleak future 12192010.pdf 50K
 Toronto Star - Disabled Nortel workers suffer again May 16, 2011.pdf 20K
 Toronto Star - Enterra halts distributions 1892006.pdf 25K
 Toronto Star - Ex-Nortel staff complain about bankruptcies fees Jan. 27, 2013.pdf 70K
 Toronto Star - Ex-Nortel staff slam executive bonuses 11282009.pdf 13K
 Toronto Star - Ex-Nortel workers - cutting off the disabled 07122010.pdf 27K
 Toronto Star - Financial disclosure a matter for trusts 1692006.pdf 29K
 Toronto Star - Income trust disclosure the real issue 8112006.pdf 42K
 Toronto Star - Key measures of income trusts 2792006.pdf 42K
 Toronto Star - Mutual fund fees readers want details Oct. 28, 2012.pdf112K
 Toronto Star - New accounting guidelines under fire 1972006.pdf 56K
 Toronto Star - Nortel mediation talks fail to produce settlement January 24, 2013.pdf244K
 Toronto Star - Nortel pensioners protest pay loss as corpse being cut up 10082009.pdf 52K
 Toronto Star - Phone calls lift cost of Nortel fight to $838M Jan. 26, 2013.pdf1.1M
 Toronto Star - Roseman, Are your disability benefits at risk. Nov. 15, 2011.pdf129K
 Toronto Star Series - Ontario Enforcement Third World - December 1-8, 2007.pdf588K
 Toronto Sun - Disabled Nortel workers hobbled 11262010.pdf 34K
 Toronto Sun - Disabled Nortel workers say they won't be protected 02162010.pdf 35K
 Toronto Sun - Disabled deserve preferred credit 06152010.pdf 16K
 Toronto Sun - Income trusts outrage 6112006.pdf 15K
 Toronto Sun - Oops! Sorry, my mistake 19112006.pdf 13K
 Wall Street Journal - Bankruptcy costs attacked May 13, 2013.pdf163K
 Wall Street Journal - Big winners in Nortel's demise lawyers Jan. 15, 2013.pdf113K
 Wall Street Journal - Nortel Disabled Workers Bill Stalled in Canadian Senate - December 3, 2010.pdf 11K
 Wall Street Journal - The Daily Docket October 26, 2012.pdf229K
 Wall Street Journal - US judge taps examiner to review Nortel professional fees July 11, 2013.pdf121K
 World News - Disabled Nortel workers seek $80M relief fund Feb. 17, 2011.pdf574K
 Yukon News - Yukon Investments are Not Risk Free 11092007.pdf 37K Responsibility for Nortel's disabled workers on feds' shoulders - report June 1, 2011.pdf 90K